Flying an airplane in for lunch!

These people flew in 3 X-Cub’s into Ken Jernstedt Airfield (Hood River Airport) to have lunch the other day! I knew something unusual was going on when they taxied the planes through the grass, almost up to the road. One of the pilots actually had a funny conversation with the cashier, it went like this:

Cashier: Hi there! Did you drive that blue car in? It’s blocking the road

Pilot: Nope! I flew a plane in…

Cashier: Oh, wow!

Anyways, hope you enjoy them!


Date taken: 04.19.21
Photographer: Me
Location: Ken Jernstedt Airfield
Camera: iPhone XR


This is a life thing I want to do someday!


They never do stuff like this down on the other side of the state

at least that I heard of

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Oregon: I landed a plane next to the road for lunch

Alaskan Bush Pilots: I landed a plane on the road and parked in the parking lot.

Nice shots though, sounds like a fun thing to witness


@AIDAN101 Never knew they did it here either! But now that I think about it, flying a plane in to have a burger seems like a very Hood River thing to do 😂

@AviationFreak Exactly what I was thinking, someday…

@Mukundan_Srivatsa That seems like pretty Alaskan thing, wish it was normal everywhere, the world would be a lot more interesting…


That is wicked cool! Hope I can experience it one day.

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Same. Just being able to go anywhere you want, whenever you want in a plane! That would be so fun. They must have had a great time up there, as it was a really nice day, and the scenery here is un-paralleled, especially in a small plane

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