Flying American Airlines...advice?

Flying from TRI to SAT via CLT. Advice? I’m flying on the Dash 8-300 to CLT and unfortunately the non-IFE equipped CRJ9 to SAT.


What kind of advice are you looking for?

CLT is a large airport. Be sure to look ahead of time where your connection is. American has been fine for me out there. I fly through there quite often.

SAT is my home airport and if you are not familiar with it I will say it is a smaller airport. Luggage is fast ad well as landing and taxing to the terminal. The parking garage is under construction so there are a lot of shuttles so watch the signs if you need one. Welcome to the Texas heat…

I have flown American once and the service was great. Flew on JIA CRJ9 from KLIT-KCLT then on the Airbus A320 from KCLT-TKPK. Charlotte is a nice airport and they have a nice pizza place in Terminal B.

I flew American a few weeks ago (PUJ-PHL) on a a320. I can’t give you advice on their cabin because you can easily tell that it was still US Airways cabin. But the FA were very nice and the pretzels were good😊


American Airlines is a decent airline. I can’t comment on the specific aircraft you’re flying on since I’ve never flown on either when operated by AA but their service is fair, nothing special about it. Just another average airline, nice flight attendants, etc. The seating pitch may be a bit tight depending on your height but nothing really different ornunique about their service.

OK, I have completed the first leg of the trip (TRI-CLT) and have a 4 hrs layover. Already completed 3+hours of it. Flight was on a noticeably older Dash-8 300. The plane had seen much better days. Gate attendant was exceptionally rude, something you don’t see often here in the South! Anyway the flight itself was uneventful, albeit a spot of turbulence. I’ll fill you guys in once I have Internet again in SA.

I flew on a crj-200 with no IFE before. But you have a 2 in 3 chance to get entertainment: the window.

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95% of CLT’s flights are legacy US Airways flights. Basically the best we got is inflight wifi.

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True. Anyway the flight to SA was well, uneventful, no IFE which is a bit ridiculous since the flight into DFW has it.

We’re working on it…

Actually I sat right in front of it… You mean the one where all the terminals kind of intersect?

I’m from SA so I know SAT like the back of my hand😆

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Good bye US Airways 😢 One of my first flights was on US Airways

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