Flying all day every day...

probably getting paid to play ?

If I played IF that much I’d get fed up with it.


If anyone is just putting it on Auto Nav and letting it go just to get XP points is cheating… to me. I got over 1 million XP points by flying the right way. But I see now how its done and how anyone can get over 10,000 XP points a day. Hmmm! Oh well!.. gotta laugh at them!

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I just checked today’s flight time, some people have 14+ hours… but wait, on the landings list, they are not even on it, no landings! But they can fly a half a day straight without a single land… hmmm Yeah… cheating just to get XP points! Oh well!

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I see a COPS episode here where the girlfriend has thrown everything on the lawn in anger. And the guy is sitting on his stuff in the yard playing IF 😅


They most be those with 300.000+XP who doesn’t know basic ATC commands.

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How can you make 25,000 XP in one day… but have no landings in that same day? HMMM And doing it on the Free Flight Server so no one can see your Flight Plan!.. Auto Nav cheaters and cheaters period, You lost my respect…!


I agree 100% with you!it not make sense…

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what is Auto Navigtion? how do you use it?

It’s a function in the LiveFlight Connect App for PC and Mac. Check it out here :)

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whats wrong with my post above?

why did someone flag it?


did not know that before. thank you for the information

what’s the point of the auto nav

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It will control the heading and adjust it for you, just like a real aircraft

I understand that but why use on computer when you have AP on you phone

was that software from IF

Unlike autopilot in IF, Live Flight Connect automatically changes the heading for you. I don’t know if I explained it correctly, but ask the developer about it @carmalonso

You know who you are. Flying around in a Cessna’s all day. Don’t have enough flights or landings, yet have more XP’s than anyone, gaining like 10,000 to 20,000 a day… a DAY! I hate cheaters!