Flying all day every day...


Have you ever wondered about wether these people (those on the top) have something like work or other hobbies? Eleven hours a day…



Poor family…I hope he doesn’t have one.


Thanks @Carson

I did not understand why ’ NoLife ’ letters became so big 😂


…They are pilots. That’s what they are supposed to do :-)

Maybe some cruise while doing other things…


Unemployed maybe?

Where do they get that time… An average US workday is 8 hours, 9-5. Adding 11 hrs makes it insane long day, not factoring in commute, eating, and getting ready.

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This is pretty hypocritical… we all joined a forum to talk about flight sim app, and now we are making fun of people for actually playing it?

I’ve made that list before when flying a lot back-to-back days. I think the “Today” filter is a 24hr period.


Maybe they play IF at work like some?

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I think @Omari_Joseph is a FedEx employee.

Or custom made control input apps / scripts? I have always wondered if it could be done by a “bot”.

It can be done now. I wrote a holding algorithm that will fly holding patterns. Something like that could be left running for hours I guess. But what fun is that? It would just be flying circles when instead you could be doing patterns or something.

I think these are just kids that have a lot of time. Playing all day on weekends, etc.


I’m not making fun of anybody at all, I was just wondering about the monotonous way some people spend their spare time ;)

@MarioWHVGER Why does this remind me of you? :D


Just enter IF, select the slowest aircraft put flaps and made region tour… Just stupid 😂 only to win Time and XP 😂


Ahem… Slowest speed and…autopilot.
Put device in corner of house and check it every hour… I think

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If those hours are accurate, I feel a bit uneasy.
I don’t know how someone can spend that much of their life on a game (no offence to FDS I’m saying in general). I work 6 days a week, but even if I didn’t, I could assure you that I wouldn’t be flying for 5+hours at a time.


They make a huge FPL go in prop, turn in LiveFlight Connect Auto Nav so it follows it FPL by it self and go to work.

And I think real world pilots log approx 700 hours per year. In Europe a roster cycle like 5 on, 2 off, 4 on, 3 off is typical.

Our IF hour building superstars would be getting a telling off by the authorities in the real world, that’s for sure.

Today was a weekend, but I don’t know how they do it

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6:00 in the morning in Germany. The sun is just rising. A wonderful peace in my office, no colleagues, no boss, no wife. Only the 737 and my ATC (@CaptainDawud) So the week has to begin !!!


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