Flying Aircraft Spottings


Yes, I was.


Fedex MD-11 good detail

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Anyone know what aircraft this is?

It’s so beautiful!

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Didn’t that fly LAX-SEA instead? I checked FR24 and it was showing that it was flying LAX-SEA and I didn’t know why


Yes, but it circled KSEA and now it’s above TENNESSEE!..


What’s the tail number, or flight number?


I don’t know, sorry… (it wasn’t on FR24)


No worry’s I found it. DL9754. I can’t tell if it’s a glitch or if there is something terribly wrong


Oh, you meant the delta one! I thought you were talking about the weird prop. one above.


It says "SEA to ATL but it never landed at SEA, it came from LAX and just circled!


It does say that, but I found it on the map


“Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in Seattle shortly…” “ladies and gentlemen, we are now flying to Atlanta”


I think you have a rare spot there, like very rare, let me check on this before I say it, but if my hunch is right you could be in for a treat, you got any more pictures to help me out?


Pictures of the A350?


Why are you using so many polls?


I like polls :)


No, the old war bird, especially the nose part of it would be great if you have a picture…


Sorry, @KPIT, it’s a bit blurry…
(I’m excited now!)


It was so NOISY when it flew by!!!


Hum, it still looks like what I think it is, only problem I looked up what I think it is, and the two that existed crashed best I can find. I don’t want to get you’re hopes up, but any old war bird is a cool one…