Flying Aircraft Spottings


Note: These were at 15,000 feet and it was -5*C so pardon the heat haze :)

737-700 Southwest old livery at 15,000 feet

DisneyLand Alaskan 737-900

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Thank You!


Alaskan 737-900 Honoring Those Who Serve Livery

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Good pictures, however this is your 3rd #real-world-aviation:spotting topic today, you are spamming the category. Please refrain from doing this, thanks!


The Alaska 739 flew into JFK this morning. It flew over me as I was walking to school. Very nice livery 👍🏼


Icelandair 50 years livery 757-200

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There’s a 10 image rule. @robertine


Thank you, I noticed, this is my thread for all of them, the other ones can be closed if you wish, I’ll post them all here. Thank you for keeping the community civil! :)


Which alaskan 739?


Not to burst your bubble, but this isn’t really very good detail. I’d say compared to other pictures on this forum, these aren’t that good of quality.


The ‘Those Who Serve’ one


I understand, but this is the first time I have a camera that does more than 10X zoom, so I’m in awe :)


Thank you so much for being honest!


You are right, but lets remember that everyone has a different set of standards on different things. Maybe this quality isn’t of standard set by you, but it does meet the standards of the #real-world-aviation:spotting category. :)


Last one is photoshopped for sure.


How is it Photoshopped?

Also nice profile picture 👀


It is not photoshopped, but I have a few questions:
1: What makes you think it is?
2: Even if it WERE photoshopped (it isn’t), what would I post it here?

Trust me, my photoshop skills aren’t THAT good :)


Dash 8 Q400 Oregon Ducks Special Livery

  1. The ends of the wings are shown underneath the tree branches when they should be behind it.
  2. Idk and idc it’s still a cool shot


You might want to zoom out a little bit to try and get the whole aircraft while stabilizing the image. You can always crop it afterwards;)
Edit: I don’t know if you’ve considered getting a tripod, they’re like 15-20 USD on amazon


The tree is out of focus, and the lens is wider than the branches, which is why you can see the parts of the plane.