Flying Age Restrictions

Hello community, out of curiosity I was just wondering what is the age restriction for any airline, in California

The FAA requires you to be 23 years old to retrieve an ATP certificate which would allow you to fly with an airline in th U.S.

Becoming a pilot is a long and tedious process, but something that can for sure pay off in the end. Work and study hard!

To be a passenger?

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Okay, the original post was a bit unclear, I simply assumed that you were trying to become a pilot.

Nevertheless, it generally varies airline to airline. Unaccompanied minors of various ages may be required to sign up for an unaccompanied minor service with the airline, or in some cases may be permitted to travel alone. I’d do a quick Google search with “Airline XYZ unaccompanied minors” and see what their policy is.

As for restrictions for being too old, well, you’re never too old to fly.

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Thanks @naro for all the work, and I’m sorry if I was unclear, but you are very helpful

Don’t know about anything to do with airlines. But I believe to fly solo in an aircraft is required by a weight limit. Or at least this is what I have heard with Helicopters.

I know Hawaiian is fine because I flew alone when I was fifteen. If you’re flying international you should look up the customs or some kind of offical website.

Please Google, these exact words “unaccompanied minors”