Flying adventures that went (almost) horribly wrong

This happened only yesterday.
Dad wakes me & my sister at 0425 hours & 20 minutes later mom gets us into the car (she isn’t flying today) & we drive to DCA. We arrive at 0500 for an 0600 flight (it’s Saturday). Easy, right, famous last words! Bother inside & outside check-in lines are horrible. When we are almost to the outside bag drop a man says the inside line is shorter, he was wrong. Wh had to cut in line just for not guaranteeing that the bag will make our flight. At the TSA my sister holds us up with her water bottle. Goddammit! We run to the gate & get on after the C group, our tickets say A45! At least we find seats together… I nearly cry from being so thirsty & hungry… The rest of the flight went well though & our bags did indeed make it.

Tell me some of your stories.

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That’s probably worthy of two records
Worst luck in IFC
Longest main post in IFC

Anyways sorry about the inconvenience

Worst part about my flying?
I have a YouTube channel, and filmed the whole event.
These videos explain them all:

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Security/ pre-clearance customs at YYC. The less said about that, the better.

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Rush hour at PTY, enough said.

This happened two days ago. We were in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Realizing we booked the delta flight from atl-mem on the 5th. Even though our Qatar airways flight lands there on Saturday. (I think we assumed it was the fifth because usually if we arrive a day late the Qatar flight on the email will say +1 day. Totally forgot that even though it said arriving at DOH at 23:30. And our flight to atl was at 09:00 should’ve thought that oh 9 hour layover and arriving at midnight. Must be the next day. So at Zanzibar we call delta (keep in mind that in our intl plan with att. Calling is 1 dollar a minute and wifi calling wouldn’t work because well wifi wasn’t good enough?) so we call for an hour they say oh it’s going to be 2 thousand dollars. We say no (well the call dropped and we had to go to airport). So we call at Doha (btw DAR is the worst airport in the world) and we told them what happened and earlier they said 800 dollars since we booked with skymiles. But we call again and they book us on the day later flight at 10pm with emergency exit row seats( those cost money I think or only skymiles members can get it??). But she didn’t charge us anything.
Edit: if you didn’t know DAR is Dar es Salem. Doha airport is really nice. Free sleeping areas with comfy seats. The shower and spa is amazing( only showrred didn’t feel like swimming at 2am)

I had the worst experience at Heathrow. Got off our bus (coming from stonehenge) at the wrong place and had to take that subway thing to get to wherever we had to check in which took forever. And then we had to endure Heathrow’s security which was one of the longest and tightest security lines I’d had have been through and of course my brother has a bunch of crap in his bag that he can’t go in a carry on and they took about 15 minutes just to go through it. It was a very stressful time haha. I did fly on British Airways for the first time though and the service was some of the best I’ve ever had.

LaGuardia. The line for takeoff was longer than my flight time to Boston.

You can totally get away with that any day at my local airport, but definitely not DCA. I once managed to drag a 15 person group through check-in, security, and boarding when our group showed up at T-45 minutes (to be fair, it was 4:15AM) , I’ve never crashed into an airplane seat so satisfied in my life.


The Antarctica of all airlines. Swirijaya Air 737-300 was freezing cold. The effect lasted for around a month.

This is my story from Spring Break this year, in late March.
We woke up early in the morning in Chicago preparing for our trip to Miami, that would bring for out week vacation in the Florida Keys. We flew out of O’Hare, and had a connection to Miami through Jacksonville.
On that Saturday morning, we woke up to a text from American Airlines that our flight was delayed by an hour. No big deal, and since we had booked a taxi the night before, we decided to go to the airport the same time that we normally would have. I can’t remember exact times because it was a while ago, but we were up and in a taxi to the airport before 5 AM. Check in and security was smooth, the lines were a little busy, but it’s what you would expect on a Saturday morning, I guess. The only issue there, was that half way through sitting in line for security, we realized that my dad forgot one of his bags in that taxi, containing his MacBook Air and iPad! It wasn’t much of an issue, the taxi driver brought it back and gave it to us. Security went smooth, and we sat and waited for our flight to begin boarding for a while, when we heard that the flight was delayed AGAIN, this time amounting to about two hours. If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes we missed our connection flight departing Jacksonville. We almost switched flights when the delay was announced, putting us on a flight connecting through Dallas, but we refrained, and figured we’d catch a later connection through Jacksonville.
Eventually, we got on the E175 bound for Jacksonville. Smooth flight, landing in Jacksonville safely. Thinking it wasn’t SO bad, and that we could just get on the next connection to Miami, we thought wrong. We couldn’t get on the next two connections to Jacksonville because they were already full. Long story short, we spent 7 hours total, sitting in Jacksonville, waiting for our flight that left in late evening. We ended up finally arriving in Miami at around 10 PM, when we were originally supposed to be there around 12 PM. That would have gotten us to the Keys where we were staying around 2PM, when we didn’t get there till about 1 AM (due to luggage claim and rental car, etc)
I still remember eating a Midnight breakfast in a Denny’s in Miami…🤔
Ahaha the memories…


Well I once vomited at Dubai international during a 9 hour stop over en route to Sydney (Originally coming back from Turkey) I also vomited at the hotel we were staying at for the 9 hours. It was probably food poisoning that I may have contracted from Popeyes chicken. But as we were arriving at Dubai international the next morning, my mum noticed the woman from ‘Ultimate Airport Dubai’ we got a photo and I felt great on the flight to Sydney (it was an A380 which was really cool) There was severe turbulence flying over Adelaide which made me quite worried, especially my mum. All good from then on. Oh god, after writing all this, I miss being overseas 😞


Being on standby in October to get from YVR-HKG. 3 flights a day and it still took me 6 days to fly out.

Using Air France

In 2009 I moved to Atlanta from Ottawa so we stopped in DCA & IAH to visit family. At DCA we were on standby to go to IAH & it took us 2 days. Our bags made it tho. #StandbySucks

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