Flying across the Hawaiian islands

Hey IFC πŸ‘‹

I flew around the Hawaiian islands with the TBM-930, the views of the Hawaiian islands are gorgeous and i recommend you guys to fly around Hawaii too. Although the flight was really nice, i had really less fuel and expected no delay from ATC (great job IFATC!) so i made it with around 3-6 mins of fuel remaining and was able to taxi back to parking. So here are the shots of the flight :)

Flight Details-
Server: Expert
Flight time: 2hrs 23mins
Route: PHNL to PHNL
Cruising altitude: FL160 β†’ FL170 β†’ FL210
Cruising speed: 250kts / Mach 0.50
Aircraft: TBM-930
Livery: Infinite flight dark livery

Parked at the tie down with a huge MD-11F taxiing to runway 4R

Gear Up!

Climbing to FL160

A view of Kaua’i

A view of Mauna Kea


Flying back to Honolulu

Flying over the coast of Moloka’i

Final runway 08R

Touch down!

Parked at the Tie Down with a few heavies in the back

Hope you liked it 😊


Wow 🀩 Hawaii is amazing thanks for sharing πŸ‘πŸ»

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Thank you!

Great scenic shots! I loved my short Island hops to Honolulu yesterday and I will now be planning more explorations around Hawaii.

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These are sooooo good!

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Nice shots! I loved that view Mauna Kea.


perfection. the fact that u had 3-6 min left on fuel is very cool and scary at the same time. great pics

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Cool shots, thanks!

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Thank you so much @mcgregni, @Cooper_Marcukaitis, @Canadian_Aviator, @Ryan_boi and @Tep_NEMO 😊


Those Photo’s 🀯! No more words, good job! πŸ‘πŸ½

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I flew around to PHNL 3-4 times yesterday! I love the scenery and ATC did a great job and nice pictures!

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Thank you @Koolin and @Ubaa :)