Flying Across Regions

Since this has been the topic of discussion, im going to write about how to do it while im flying JFK-CLT.
First you need to have a plan, find a departure and arrival airport and figure out the best heading to get there. It is nice to have the tracker but its not necessary (tracker only avialble for androids).
Second you need to fly out of that region and to the border line. Set everything for autopilot including ALT, throttle, and heading.
Third pause the game. This only works on live because the plane keeps flying when you pause it. Your throttle will stay up. If you need to change something just resume, change it, and then make sure your throttle is where you want it, and pause the game while you are still holding the throttle. If you are not still holding the throttle the plane will loose speed while you are paused and stall.
Fourth you need escorts to bring you in when you get near the airport. You wont be able to see the region or talk to ATC so you need at least one good escort.
And then boom if you land on a runway it will appear as you have landed to everyone at the region (they will see you).
*Infinite Flight warns to proceed with caution on inter-regional flights as it is not supported yet.

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Got it, thanks

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Wait, can’t you contact the tower or approach and have them vector you in?

If anybody attempts a cross region flight it is very important to ONLY do this on the Free Flight server. Once you leave your region you leave all access to controller communications. This means when you stray into the new controlled region the controller cannot communicate with you and will ghost you on the spot.
I’d hate to see somebody spend so much time and effort trying to make the crossing and end up ghosted at some point.
Good luck :)