Flying across Canada

🇨🇦Vancouver to Toronto 🇨🇦

Hey IFC! Today’s flight was from the 2 most busy hubs, Vancouver and Toronto. Departing out of Vancouver is always incredible with its beautiful scenery! There was a lot of turbulence during the entire flight especially above the mountains in Vancouver and the descent to Toronto but everything else went well :) For this flight many Pilots were flying the B77W so i chose to fly the B787-9 with its frosted leaf livery, so here are the pics!

Flight Details-
Server: Expert
Flight time: 3hrs 44mins
Route: CYVR to CYYZ
Cruising altitude and speed: FL370 at Mach 0.85
Aircraft: B787-9
Airline: Air Canada

Preparing for pushback as an Air Canada B77W lifts off


The beautiful mountains of Vancouver

Another shot of the mountains

Flying over the Chaplin lake

Flying over Isle Royale National Park

Final Runway 23

A butter landing

B77W vs B789

Parked at the gate

Hope y’all liked it 😊


Amazing pictures!! Keep it up!

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Thank you!

Beautiful pics🤩✈️

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I believe i was your controller at the time, great photos and i hope you enjoyed the service!

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Thank you @Furwani :)

Thank you @Kedz and your service was great!


These are some gorgeous photos!

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Thank you so much @Pilot_Felix :)

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Very nice photos there! This is probably my favorite, but it was definitely a tough choice! Turns out I actually spotted you during my spotting session at Toronto (I thought those two 787s looked familiar haha). See the below unedited photo — one of the many I took!

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Thank you so much 😊 I didn’t know that you were at CYYZ when I landed, were you the Air Canada B77W to the right of my aircraft?

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No I’m actually the AC 77W in the back of my photo. I was hanging out in the maintenance hanger overnight and then did some real-time (and replay) spotting!

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Ah that was you, I was wondering why this aircraft was parked here at first 😂 I’m glad you spotted me :)

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