Flying Above 60 Degrees Update?

Hey guys.

I have a couple of questions.

Has there been any progress made on acquiring information to create 3D scenery above sixty degrees latitude? I love flying to lots of airports up there and seeing 3D scenery would be great.

If there is progress, is there a time that we can expect (or at least have an idea of) when it should be done?

Just really curious to know. Thanks!

Also, if there is progress, may we please use this thread to discuss it? Similar to an aircraft development thread.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. Don’t quote me on it tho

Most likely not as the devs said that there won’t be 60 degrees+ scenery anytime soon.

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Well that’s sad.

It would be awesome if someone from staff could please give an answer to back these ones up too :)

As long as you stay within 82°, you should get some nice scenery :)

I know that there’s really nice scenery, but my question is regarding 3D scenery. Thanks though!

They would announce it on the blog, development timeline, social media or #announcements if there was any developments. Nothing really to discuss, no one doesn’t want it. :)


Thank you.

I cannot wait for this to be done or started or something. Flying in Anchorage with the Chugach Mountains and the Alaska Range and Mt McKinley and the “Sleeping Lady” (Mount Susitna) would be sooooo great!

Imagine the screenshot topics!

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"Soon"™ would be the best answer I could give if this was in development. I do want this though as I love flying up in northern Canada but right now it looks like this; _________

Note, “or have an idea of”

But really, yeah, Soon ™ I guess is when it is, lol.

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