Flying a VOR radial

Hello IFC!

So, I am trying to work out how to fly a specific radial inbound/outbound to a VOR. Firstly, can I just confirm that inbound is when you fly toward the VOR and outbound is when you fly away from the VOR?

So, if I want to fly the 176 radial inbound to my VOR this is what I have done to attempt it

  1. Tuned the VOR to NAV1
  2. Selected my course CRS1 to 176°
  3. Selected my source to NAV1
  4. Pressed NAV mode
    The airplane simply flies a heading of 176 away from the VOR which is to my North.

I am obviously doing something wrong but what?

I searched but I didn’t find what I was looking for



My thinking is that NAV mode probably is designed to automatically fly outbound radials, and that you have it reversed. Try setting the CRS to 356 and see what happens.


Okay, will do

Ah great, it worked! Thanks buddy!


When inbound to a VOR, you add 180 to the radial to get your couse of flying from the Eastern half(0 to 108°), while from the west you subtract 180 to get your course.

Outbound from the VOR, you just use the radial as your course. In this case, you add 180 + 176 to get 356 since you’re heading to the radial from the South East, but upon crossing the radial, you would assume the 356 radial.


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