Flying a plane

Hi folks I’m back on IF having been gone for a while, there has been a few changes. I need help… when I fly I have difficulty in flying the plane from a to b. Before when I had the correct altitude/speed etc I pressed the NAV button and it took me straight to my destitnation. Now I don’t have a clue, can anyone help please?
Many thanks


Welcome back! I recommend taking a look at the user guide here

The user guide above should be your first resource for all things IF related! For the NAV portion of your question, the ALT, HDG, SPD, VS, and APPR portions of autopilot have remained the same.

However, NAV has been split into LNAV and VNAV. LNAV(lateral navigation) is the same as it has always been, taking your from waypoint to waypoint. VNAV(vertical navigation) incorporates altitudes and can descend automatically - there’s no climb feature yet. Both of these can contribute to a safe flight.

Welcome back and have fun in the skies!

Hello and welcome back.

I’ll add for a direct answer to your question we also have new flight planning features. We have the SID & STARs now and here is a quick video from Infinite flight to understand them for your flight planning from a point A to B.

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