Flying a niche route that isn’t a niche route

I just had the best round of Valorant in what I consider my esports career, so my mood is quite cheerful. That’s why I decided to share some unedited screenshots from one of the coolest flights I have done recently.
Qingdao is a city you and I have never heard of, until I found it in the seamlessly endless route database of @LuftyVirtual. Just like in real life DLH787 is a route from Qingdao, a city drowned out by Beijing and Shanghai which it is sandwiched in between, that normally sees regular B747-400 service by Lufthansa - and in contrast to the aircraft named like the route, this one still regularly takes off 😋. One of the most surprising places to find LH’s queens, but definitely a cool place to explore.
Thus, here are some screenshots I took en route to Frankfurt on the expert server.

  1. Climbing out of Qingdao northbound

  1. Pretty much overflying Beijing (ZBAA) directly overhead.

  1. Cruising above some foggy mountains north of Beijing

  1. Overflying Kazakhstan since 🚫 🇷🇺

My euphoria about my Valorant victory has died down a little now, so bye!


I’ve heard of it lol and been to it. Awesome route and pictures 😍


Ok, let me edit: *The average white male living in a 2000 inhabitant village next to Munich in the depths of Bavaria hasn’t heard of it yet.
Yeah, that’s me 🥹

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Thanks for the compliment though, you gotta try that route out if you haven’t!

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