Flying a Flight Plan

Have had Infinite Flight for years, but just started flying again with the purchase of a new iPad Mini 4, and brand new at flying online (ATC) on IF. Must say it mostly my fault because I am used to flying in a PC flight sim for years, and it’s similar but also very different, and must faster and confusing ATC on Infinite Flight, because I am so new to it.

First off when I make a flight plan say from KSNA to KSAN, once I complete it do I hit Send or does ATC automatically see it? I was flying this route and a nearby ATC after takeoff was telling me to defend and turn heading although I had just taken off from KSNA to fly my plan to KSAN. I was very confused, shouldn’t they see my flight plan?

Also, I was interrupted as we all are by a family member on Final and had to abort my flight. Is any of my flight recorded. This has to happen fairly often on mobile, or a phone or tablet could restart or shutdown. I was so close to landing,…oh well.

Is there any kind of ACAR’s that keep up with our flights an logs them? I know the hours and landing are there, but what about the actual flight path.

I know, too many newbie ATC questions…sorry. But I am really enjoying flying ATC on Infinite Flight and am amazed at the updates since the last time I flew years ago :)

Nice job Infinite Flight creators, really nice. One more thing, I know Global is coming someday. Will there be and LNAV and RNAV option? Maybe a type of FMC sort of…

I am sure I’ll be signing up for the year ATC plan.

Thanks again to all!


Was it TS1? That’s why ATC don’t usually give you correct instructions - once you file a flight plan you don’t have to hit “send” or anything :)

For Global there will be LNAV


Hi. Since you’re new I’m guessing that you’re flying on the Training Server. If so, ATC can be very frustrating, since people performing the ATC role are learning, as are the pilots.

On the Expert Server, it’s different. Most likely an ATC will look at your FPL, and if they can, will vector you accordingly. But that isn’t always possible because it does get busy. Sometimes you will get a message from an approach controller to “prepare for deviation” from your FP. But most of the time you can assume that you will be vectored for approach away from your FP. So, once you contact an approach ATC, your FP is null and void.

Hope this helps, and happy flying!


Welcome back!

So with flying ATC you mean you are flying on Live?
The ATC can actually see you creating your flightplan; it becomes visible as you create it. I get the idea you are flying on the Training Server. As mentioned already, many ATC’s (and pilots) are still learning so instructions do not always make sense. But the Approach ATC may need to divert you from your flightplan, for all sorts of good reasons. So even though you made a beaut plan, you have to be willing to divert from it, if the Approach ATC instructs.
If you are are interrupted, in the middle of a flight, then it may be best just to ‘close’ the phone with the home button. If you don’t do too many crazy things on your phone (or tablet) you may be able to open the IF app again, and contine your flight. Your flightplan will still be there. Don’t do this trick if you are on Final, because you confuse the ATC. Closing the IF app, will remove your flight, including a flightplan.

Have fun!


Yeah I am on the Training Server and I do understand we are all new on that server. How can/do I get on the Advanced server? I think I saw a post about that, and I will look around.

So new I don’t know what TS1 is unless that is the Training Server? If so yes, that is what I was on.

And about the ACARS. I did not mean full ACARS as I know it is too taxing probably for mobile, sure I am wrong about that too. But is there a way (besides a manual virtual airline) to see departing and arrival airport on IF. The screen that shows the numbers of flights and hours?

Many thanks to everyone that wandered my questions.

Like I said newbie at IF ATC and online flying. It is my fault but I am used to vectors and stuff and not downwind, crosswind, etc… ATC instructions so I have to learn them for IF ATC…my bad.

Things are a little different and more busy on the Training Server, and I am sorry as I understand we are all learning on that server.

Thanks again, loving being back on IF and flying online, very cool indeed!


Tap on your Username in the upper right of the screen. This will take you to your rating info. Next to your Grade you will see an “I” as in india. Tap the I and that will show an outline of the requirements for each grade. Grade 3 and above can fly on the Advanced server.


Even on the Expert server, you have to have some situational awareness.

If KSAN is actively controlled on the expert server expect there to be about 25 inbounds. Don’t expect to stick to your flight plan. It’s not possible.

If you’d like to stick to a flight plan with active atc on Expert when the time comes, chose a field where that might be possible.

And that won’t be one of the two busiest Bravos in the region, no matter the region.


Not sure if you’ve had a chance to check out the tutorials on here, but they’re all worth a look.

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Thanks for everyone’s help. I just have to get used to IF ATC and learn like anyone new to a platform. And I am new to IF ATC that is for sure. No matter how much I have flown in other sim’s, IF and IF ATC have their own way of working, and I understand I have to work at it and learn.

Also, does IF ATC use ODD altitudes to the East and EVEN altitudes to the West? I mean do pilots have this rule as well as ATC?

Like I said, thanks for all the help, and really enjoying learning the ways of IF and IF ATC!

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The reason I mentioned the ODD and EVEN altitudes is when on uni-com ( and really busy ATC server ) I noticed I was coming really close to other planes, ( which can always happen ) but they seemed to be flying any altitude they wanted. Or maybe I am just wrong, but it appeared to be that way!

And also just noticing the flight plan helper text in PINK, is there a way to make that text larger for old eyes, or just bad eyes. Just noticed it today and it’s really nice, just wish I could read it better, depending on the background. And how far out from your next waypoint does the PINK text roughly show up?

Thanks again from a IF ATC newbie pilot!


The pink 1 minute notification shows up when near to a new waypoint. This helps in precision while sticking to your flight plan.

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Did you read the cruising altitudes link I posted by any chance? I found this very informative amongst other topics once I was granted access to the Expert Server. Training Server gets crazy at times so get your XP up and then you will be able to fly with better pilots and excellent ATC. Happy Flying @Daryl_Jacobs

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People in the expert server normally obey rules and behave sensibly, but on TS1 people don’t. Just a heads up, say ATC as IFATC normally refers to the professional ATC who control in the expert server


If you are asking me if I would like to be a ATC controller the answer is yes, but how do I contact you. Or was just a general message to everyone posting in this thread. If it to everyone…my bad. Also, I can’t get on the Expert server as I don’t have the hours or XP or whatever it is called.

Sorry if that was meant for Expert Pilots!

Thanks again for everyone’s help. I have been flying on VATSIM ( for FSX ) for years, but this is really different in many respects, but similar in others. Like I said I am enjoying it very much, just a lot faster than I am used too.

Today I spawned at an airport ( KONT ), and they immediately asked me what my intentions were. Spawned in parking spot. My intention if course is to fly, but I need to get my aircraft ready, flight plan filed etc… I did not know how to answer them really, as you can only choose text options :)

Still learning and I know they are too! Just caught me off guard :)

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If there is active ATC then I usually open the map up and set a waypoint of two before they ask and they can see that you have a flight plan which eliminates the request for intentions from them. Hope this helps.

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This happened the moment I spawned, I had no time to work on the FP :) Like I said we are all learning on that server.

Agreed, just keep on flying and you will be on the expert server with us in no time. Oh, and stay in touch with the IF Community since this will keep you in tune with all that’s going on.

If you are serious about flying / ATC then I suggest avoiding flying in SOCAL and pick one of the paid for regions such as Hawaii or London. As other pilots have also had to pay for that region they generally fly and control to a higher standard as they have a higher stake in it. Of course you still get the odd nim-rod but that is an esception rather than the rule.

As you are also a PC pilot you will probably know about SID and STAR so suggest that use those as part of your flight planning.

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A waypoint or two…

I’ve seen these. Flight plans to two random way points mid-region. This does not help ATC. Perhaps you were referring to two waypoints on the cone, so we can see your destination. Or your departure and arrival airports. At least we know where you’re headed, I suppose, but still doesn’t do much in the way of allowing FF.

In order for me to allow FF, I need to see that you have a well thought out flight plan (a few extra seconds before pushback wouldn’t hurt). A flight plan that is not simply a straight shot to the destination tower.

If I wee that you intend to fly down, enter downwind, follow it to the cone, I can consider it, but I’ll still be monitoring your altitudes and speeds to see if you’re giving any indication that you’re aware of the other inbound traffic.

Rare, indeed, is the IF pilot who fits this profile. If you are one of them, good on you, but I don’t see much of it.

While we’re at it (sort of), and completely unrelated to you, specifically, so please forgive me using you as a jumping off point: downwind is a specific heading, exactly 180 degrees removed from runway heading. It amazes me how many IF pilots think downwind is just some general area, where they can fly anywhere within a 60-degree arc. This is, well, not downwind. The pilot behind you actually on downwind shouldn’t have to wait for you to fly random headings away from downwind, then back.

Related, remaining in pattern means upwind-crosswind-downwind-base-final-repeat. You do not need a crescent-shaped flight plan during which you climb to 7000 feet. Again, others in pattern are hindered by your shenanigans. If you don’t know, which the tutorials. Please.

[The you is the general you, here, not the power to whom I’m replying,. He might be amazing in IF, I don’t know either way.]

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