Flying a Embraer Legacy 500 Simulator

Last Saturday, I got the opportunity to fly a real simulator of the Embraer Legacy 500. It was SO FUN. I wish I could do it forever. The facility was located on the DFW airfield. Here are some pics!

This was the simulator I flew.

The graphics were a litle fuzzy, but it was very realistic, with 3D buildings, active highways, and more.

This was the midsection panel of the cockpit.

We got to take off from runway 31R at JFK, take a circuit around NYC, and then land back on 31R.

And, as a bonus, we got to see an AA 738 sporting the oneworld livery minutes after landing on 35R, crossing the bridge to the terminal.

Much thanks to Flight Safety International for offering my CAP squadron the opportunity to tour their facility, and even fly their simulators.


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