Flying a dme arc

is it possible to fly a dme arc and do vor navigation (tracking, intercepting, etc) whilst being in the cockpit view with the hud turned off? i’ve been trying to figure it out for months on the 777 series but haven’t been able to figure it out yet…

Check out this by DeerCrusher, Bookmark it since its unlisted and you wont be able o search for it.

In general, yes. In the cockpit view with no HUD, probably not.

dang so i have to turn on the hud while in cockpit view?

Not necessarily. With the HUD method described in the video above you’ll be able to fly the ARC very precise. What some people might don’t know (in general, not only about ARCs): In aviation we have tolerances. In case of the ARCs, it is +/- 1nm, meaning if you have a 10nm ARC, you’re fine if you are between 9nm and 11nm from the VOR station. Of course, the closer to the 10nm the better, but without a precise FMS calculation it’s not easy to exactly remain on the 10nm ARC in this case without using the HUD. Regarding the cockpit instruments view without HUD you basically have 2 options: Either you just use the DME and turn your aircraft such that you are as close as possible to the 10nm, but within the 9nm to 11nm tolerance, or you try the more stressfull “turn-10-twist-10” method. There’s plenty of tutorials on YouTube how this works, and with a bit of practice it would also be possible in our IF cockpits without HUD I guess.

For me the problem is there is no HSI in the cockpit view, you have no way of seeing a CDI deflection or even a full compass depicted to orient yourself. This combined with the fact that the infinite flight HSI has zero scaling makes leading turns and having a good idea of where you are nigh on impossible. The main reason I use the HUD is just to have an actual HSI/CDI visible.

Even so, the scaling is tough. I flew the departure procedure out of TNCM just using the nav radio which involves an arc, and without decent experience knowing how fast your plane travels the timing of the turn to intercept is a bit of a crapshoot.

This is easier to do on planes with a Garmin display (C172, XCub, TBM) or on the Steam Gauge 172. These cockpits have the traditional instruments required for VOR navigation.

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Well the CDI deflection is shown right underneath the primary flight display in IF airliner cockpits when tuned into a VOR station, similar to an ILS. Tbh I don’t know in detail how it would look like IRL on the different aircraft types, however, in IF the HUD is far more practical to use when flying a conventional IFR procedure for now, unless you’re flying and aircraft with a Garmin display.

yes this is what i was asking about thank you

looks like using the hud is the only way to achive this atm

All of this could be solved with a VOR page on the ND

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