Flying a Biplane in Formation

Flew in a biplane in formation

The aircraft were Boeing Stearman.


Those look amazing to fly! Are you able to share the location? Looks very scenic!

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That’s really cool! What was it like flying onboard a Stearman?

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Stop flexing on us who don’t have a pilot license image


It was over Pensacola FL the water was looking beautiful that day.

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It was pretty cool, no telling how many pilots learned to fly in that thing during WW2.

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what happens if the plane malfunctions because it is too old

There were some nice roads but same as any engine failure you’re gonna land real soon no matter where you are. Luckily I don’t think the engines were that old and had probably been rebuilt if they were original.

I’ll try 😂 I was actually just beginning as a student pilot in gliders when I flew in that plane so I had no idea how to fly I t. Luckily I had a professional flying the plane.

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