Flying a 172 in the Canadian Rockies

Hiya! Hope everyone is doing well during these apocalypse-movie times.

I wanted to share some of my flying highlights of the year so far to show what this part of the world is like as seen from a 172…

For those who don’t know, I am a private pilot currently training for my CPL and I fly out of CYXC in British Columbia.

Anyways, here are some unedited and rather crooked pictures from the past 2 months:

^The local ski hill in town. “Kimberley Alpine Resort”

^A winter’s sunset with Kimberley Resort hiding in the background

^Southbound on Kootenay Lake just north of the town of Creston

^Fisher Peak (9000ft ASL)

^On the other side of Fisher Peak looking south

^The Steeples mountains south of Fisher

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Excited to hear your guys’ thoughts!



That is a really nice 4th photo Great job and hope you had a great time.

I know. The streets for me look like from the beginning of the film 28 days later.


Hiyo, hiyo, its off to the Rockies we go

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People ask me why I chose Canada…

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Thanks man. Yeah that mountain is a monster!

Stay well and hope you have enough TP!

Oh wow! <3

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Oh Balloon I knew you’d like these ;)

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Canada is clearly the superior option here.


Because Calgary is the best city.

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Doesn’t get much better as home!

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