Flying 6000nm+ with B737-700 (Amsterdam-Balikpapan)

guys did b737-700 can flew until 6000nm? im flying to WALL rn kinda worried that my fuel was empty… i’ve fill my fuel too 100% before…

Normally it definitely can’t. Do you have pax and cargo aboard?

i bring 11 POB, and 2000kg cargo

but i hope got tailwind tho-

Yeah, you’re most likely not gonna make it though. The normal range of the B737 is around 3500nm according to google

owh okay 🗿🙂

The B737-700 has fuel tanks modified such that it mimics the B737-700BBJ. It has the ability to fly well over 14 hours, and in my experience, I’ve pushed it up to 18 hours before. If you’re looking to fly from EHAM-WALL, it should be able to fly that non-stop.

If you do choose to fly it, have fun! The B737-700BBJ is an incredible machine for its size and capacity, and is ridiculously powerful too.

ahh i see, im kinda nervous tbh… gtg sleep cyaa let’s see tommorow where my plane still alive or not 😂

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