Flying 3900nm in a CCX

Wanting to test the long range potential of the CCX, and following my arrival to FAOR from LIRF, i decided it would be a perfect time to do that test. IF fuel calculations said i should make it, and with some helpfull encouragement:

I took of on the 8 hour flight.

Johanseburg (FAOR)-Lampedusa (LICD), 3922nm
Flown on TS, TKF about 10 hours ago, as of time of writing. Flown on a very pax/cargo light, but fully fueled CCX. Initial cruise at FL380 at 0.81 mach, step climb over Libya to FL460 at 0.86 mach (around 200KT IAS, near “coffin corner”)
Route: (excuse the lack of details, im not really knowledgeable about central african geography)
: departure north, via - Zimbabwe, DR Congo, Chad, Southern Libya, tranisition over Tripoli and arrival into RWY06 (planned)

The FPL:

Initial cruise

Cruise at FL460 where you can actually kind off see the curviture of the Earth a bit

And finally a few beautifull screenshots as i approached the Mediteranean

Not more than a minute after the last screenshot was taken, a mere 15 minutes from the destination the game crashed :)


This seems like a cool flight. That’s sad to hear the game crashed so close to your destination 😓