Flying 100,000 feet in the air over Los Angels

I was flying over Los Angels 100,000 feet
In the air

This was about 12:00pm

Flying over LAX !!


Woah! That’s actually really cool!

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Thank You 😄👍🏽

“Just shoot for the stars if it feels right”
-Maroon 5 😆

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I once got up to 130,000ft and the results were similar to yours.

If you’re wondering how I got that high, I honestly don’t know. I spun out in a F22 and I climbed to 130,000ft at 0kts. Its impossible, but for some reason it worked. I even have a screenshot to prove it, although it has HUD in it so I might not be allowed to post it.

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Crop the pic

I did something similar except I nose dived but I was at around 100,000KTS and was over Hawaii and I took off from LA

Well over 100K feet I think Sadly I have no photos.