Flyin Southwest! KPHX-KTPA trip report!

Hey guys, I hope you all are having a good day so far! Today I am doing another Southwest trip report out of KPHX if you remember my first ever trip report on American from KLAX, I am connecting with KPHX on Southwest to get to KTPA! Cause why not! I hope you all enjoy!

IAS 0.87
Training Server
3:20 flight time

Hi guys! Today I am flying to Florida because Florida is one of my favorite states to be in when it is December! And I just wanna get more hours on Southwest to earn points!

My airplane, Southwest B738!

I chose seat 13D because it has a nice wing view!

Takeoff! Goodbye Phoenix!

Flying right over downtown Phoenix!

KELP airport

Houston, Texas

We are flying right in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico at FL380!

Crossing into Florida, landing in KTPA soon!

Landed safely!

Thank you Southwest for taking me across the country safely to KTPA! I had a good flight and I had the row all to myself! And the snacks were really good too!

I hope you all have enjoyed this trip report and have a great rest of this beautiful Monday everyone!


Can anyone guess what airline I am flying next!

Hint: It will be an airline that flys out of KMDW!

Umm let me guess… Frontier?