Flyin_hawaiian’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

yeah i forget sometimes

In that case ill head out to sea and come back in a bit

Edit: or no 40 min

Edit2: or not not having atc

I’m flying the b717 for the very first time in the 7 years I’ve played IF

ive flown it 5-9 times, hard to butter to say the least!

Any tips???

I took off okay

i would go slow on arrival

Assigned runway is 20k ft

Thanks @flyin_hawaiian for the ATC

I thought you were going to china 💀

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Can u do ATC in Honolulu

My game plan was to head out to sea, burn a lot fuel, and see how youd react to a plane in an fuel emergency

Now that is very smart

Not really, you should always pack 1.5-2hrs extra fuel. Seeing as it wasn’t too busy I was just going to go for it, until ATC went offline

my wifi went out for a sec

Is you going back to ATC or no

I just did Newark - Singapore in the a350… It was a 17.5 hr flight and I left with a full fuel tank with 22.2 hrs

I did Hong Kong to Los Angeles and had to stop at San Fran to get extra fuel

yes i am. joining now

Which airport?

Edit wait nvm i see