Flyin_hawaiian’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Server: Training
Airport: PHOG
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Runways: Landing and Departing 2, 5, Landing 2
Time: Open!

Areas of Focus: Sequencing, Mixed Local and Inbound Traffic

I’ll be sitting there for a bit, but I’ll get moving eventually

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Ok, I dont mind!

I opened the centre for a few seconds lol but didn’t realise it’s was atc thread purposes. I’ll come and fly

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I’ll start a fight from KOA-OGG in a minute. Nice to see you are training for IFATC

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Thanks! trying to do something new!

Well I’ll see you on your way up to Kahului then, since I’ll be charging down to Kona before bouncing back up here

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I’ve spotted you @Butter575

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@flyin_hawaiian would you like feedback?


Sure, I’ll be there

Made it back with 2% fuel

Wow thats some fuel…

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I’m happy the traffic dispersed, because that could’ve created issues

yeah they had no IFC tag either, they couldʻve messed things up.

Feedback from:


  • On final approach I got way to close to that 747. Next time when aircrafts get that close maybe vector then away from each other. Requesting a 360 would have been a good one

  • You did request him to go speed slow when he was on approach so good call there

  • No “Exit Runway”. That’s something you should always send to each pilot once they have slowed down to at least 70kts when you know they are landing

Overall it does need some slight improvements but nice job for your first time for the thread. Tag me next time you are up and running

Thanks butter! I tried getting him to not get in the approach pattern. I will work and improve!

Regardless, you provided ATC services as expected, but (there’s always a but isn’t there) i found myself on descent into Kona, still tuned to Kahului tower. ATC always kicks me off once or just a little after I leave the airspace (with the air spacing being whatever tower has jurisdiction on)

Yeah, I thought that he wasn’t following instructions. I’m gonna do another flight into OGG if you are still up

yeah ill be up for another maybe 40 mins or so!