#FlyGA - The 172athon

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I thought, in the spirit of GA, that I’d take to the skies in a Cessna 172, for a flight around the Caribbean.

Flight Plan:
My goal was to do a touch and go at every airport, starting in a loop from St Barts.

The flight
I departed St Barts, and from there took a nice 10 minute leg to TQPF, where I performed my first touch-and-go.

From there, I continued to TFPG, before a rather short onwards journey to TNCM, where I took a short, 10 minute layover.

Afterwards, I proceeded to Saba, which hosts the world’s shortest commercial runway.

From there I did a little island hopping, and found myself at Point-a-Pitre.

Sunset fell quickly which provided a lovely ambience to fly in.

By the time I had reached TAPT, night had fallen.

From TAPT came my final and longest leg of the journey, back to St Barts. By the midpoint of this leg, sunrise rose.

After 20 more minutes, I arrived back at St Barts, with a total flight time of 3:34.

It was great not to be in an airliner, and I tell you all that GA is massively underrated.

Fly smart, fly GA!



Nice job! I recently did one of these in the SR22 in SoFlo.


Maybe you could turn this into an event to raise awareness for #MakeGeneralAviationGreatAgain


I would fly this… JUST FOR 26K XP ;)


Seems like something I need to do


I’d more than recommend it. You have a PPL right? Do it for real!

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Im at TNCM and im going to attempt half of it tonight (or more) on TS1(Or should I do Expert?)

Does flying on expert give you more XP?


Yes I have a ppl. It be way to expensive. Lol even though I’ve done a 3 and half hour flight before in RL


No I don’t think flying expert gives you more XP, I think I might do a bit of it as well

Excellent stuff man! Glad more and more people are starting to realize that airliners aren’t the only flying machines out there. 😉




Without sounding like an ad check out the planes and coffee event series- you might like it 😉
The 172 is nice, but I prefer the SR22 for its speed


I don’t see how you do this! But good job promoting the GA planes, they’re massively underrated!

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Strong coffee and a tin of stroopwaffels, seems to do the trick at 2AM!

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I’m going to do this, one leg at a time unfortunately due to work and stuff but will definitely give it a shot.

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MaxSez: Anybody can drive a bus! GA all the way!

(Strap on a Super Decathlon for the ride of your life! If you you can master this brute in wind over 5+ you can fly anything in the inventory. Try it only if you have the right stuff!)


Wilco! Hawaii island hop in a Super D is next on the list.

There’s no autopilot on the super d, gonna struggle

Oh crikey, I’m getting a joystick tonight so it should be okay

I’d like to try it soon, get that flight time! Although I’d do it in the 208 and pretending to deliver supplies to places where it’s needed. 😂

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