FlyDubai Tribute Flight @ LFPG - 192330ZMAR16

Server: Advanced

Region: Paris

Airport: LFPG/CDG (Paris Charles De Gaulle)

Time: 1030Z (6:30PM EST)

NOTAM: ATC would be appreciated. Comment if you want to! Please Fly 737-800


It is 2330Z make sure to change your post

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It is? My time converter said something else. Thank You for telling me

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Yeah I made the same mistake yesterday lol

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Thank you.


23-30 Zulu is 02:30 am Moscow Time ( I hope you understand why i mentioned this very time zone)

Iā€™d like to take part cause Rostov oblast(region) is neighbouring region for me, and because most are Russian citizens, But I doubt any Russian IF pilot will participate (Only Far East, where time would be 10-30 and 11-30 am)

Thats not a pleasure.

If so, I and some others simply cannot participate šŸ˜”


Some people in the UK may not participate as it is very late & may lose concentration.