FlyDubai Goes Big


UAE based LCC FlyDubai, which operated a fleet of 737-800/737 MAX 8s announced a firm order for 30 Boeing 787-9 aircraft at the Dubai Airshow yesterday, which is valued at $11 billion. The aircraft will be delivered starting in 2026.

FlyDubai Chairman Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum told the press that “we have confidence that our young airline is as strong as ever today, and we’re delighted to announce this aircraft order. This order is special, and signals a new chapter for the airline, building on the success of a strong business model.

With the huge increase of range from the MAX 8 to the 789, this opens up a world of possibilities in terms of routes to far flung destinations. Following the carriers leisure/business model, places like Java, Australia
, and Singapore could be in the airline’s future.

This comes hot on the heels of Emirate’s announcement for an additional order of 90 777X jets. This order brings the total for Emirates’ 777X order to a whopping 205. They will be the launch customer for the type.


2026!? Looks like I’ll be waiting awhile before I can make a feature request lol


Fly Dubai livery looks soooo weird on an airplane that’s not a 737 lol, looks like one of those hand made liveries


Unless you think Boeing makes a 787 every 2 hours, you should’ve expected that.

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It’s more towards the rule that you can’t make a feature request for an aircraft that is yet to exist

I bet they’d cancel that order as they were about to receive the aircraft if that rule wasn’t in place, thus leading us to end up with yet another livery that never came to be. 😂

True lol. When I found out that Emirates was ordering the 787-10, it reminded me of the time Gemini200 randomly made an Emirates 787-10. I guess they predicted the future or something lol

When did that model come out? Because depending on when it came out, it might actually be the case that they made a model for an aircraft that was ordered but never delivered - before they had their previous order for 787-9s, their order consisted of 787-10s instead.

Based on the model number, around 5 years ago

As expected:


That makes sense. A good example of task failed successfully lol


According to AirlineReporter, a 777 takes about 83 days to manufacture from start to finish, so I’d imagine it’s similar for a Dreamliner.

I’ll be curious to see if FlyDubai adds some sort of business class product on their 787s.

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