FlyDubai Boeing 737 Max 8

Like if you want it


Livery is beautiful😍


Lovely livery but you do know that the photo you posted is just a computer simulation and the final thing might be different.

The same goes for nearly every other 777X, 737 Max, A350, A320neo and A330neo requests.

Of course it does. But I really like a modernized version of FlyDubai’s livery. It (the current livery) looks a bit 2010-ish

That’s left wing let seems off.
I would want Tis to be added.

Great livery that’s already lacking on the 737 in Infinite Flight. We need this with the (hopefully) upcoming 737 MAX series.

Again, the MAX is not confirmed, only scimitars to the NG

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Boy, who gave us the 737MAX 8 from Fly Dubai! 😮

If the MAX is added, I personally think all current operators should be added since there aren’t many.

I would cirtanly love to see this livery to come, out especially, if we do get the B737-Max some day. However, it has come to my attention that @Ninetales, you haven’t voted for your own livery request. So I would if I were you. ☺️👍🏼

What? This topic is nearly 2 years old… Lol. Why does have to vote for his own topic?

Look at the topic before you even say something