Flyby Over My City Nijmegen @ EHDL - 091800ZJUN17

Server: Expert Server (ATC)

Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Airport: EHDL

Time: 1900Z UK Time

Info: This event is just for fun. We start at Deelen then we fly over Arnhem and then we fly to Nijmegen there we fly rounds about Nijmegen! We fly with an army plane i fly in a Lockheed C-130H Royal Netherland Air Force. Then the soldiers can jump from the plane. In the center of Nijmegen. There had been war in the past. (the second World War).

A little bit of information about Nijmegen: Nijmegen is a historic city (The oldest city in the Netherlands), because the Romans made a city here because it was in a good spot, it was high on a hill and it was on the river.


My Call Sign = PH-17MD

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Great Idea, I love the film " A Bridge Too Far".

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would you like to join the event?

I am not sure that I have time on saturday.

It’s advisabe to avoid having excessive exclamation marks in the title, thank you.

it is on Friday at 20:00 my time NL

Kan het niet op een zaterdag? En ietsje vroeger? Heb meer dingen te doen, anders kom ik misschien wel.

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I’ll happily join haven’t done an event in a while

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Hey @Martijn_Decates how u doing.
You have got 2 times? At which time is this Event 18:00Z or 19:00Z??
I’ll be joined.

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Hey the event is at 18:00Z …it’s written 19:00 UK time


UK time 19:00, my time 20:00, There is an hour’s time difference between the Netherlands and England

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I can’t wait for tommorow

I go on 19:45 time my time (NL) to the gate

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Somewane more want to join this event??

i’m now on the airport

@John Are you FFT370?

we wil start over 10 min

2.000ft 130-160kts. And folie me

The First river is the rijn by arnhem