FlyBosnia Fires Half of Staff, Returns A319

If you thought it was over, you’re about to be wrong.

Bosnian business insider website Bizniz Info has reported that FlyBosnia has let go of 50% of their entire staff. Over half of their pilots quit voluntarily. As Simple Flying reported recently, FlyBosnia has not been able to find a business model that adequately serves its home market.

The Returned A319

After only four months, E7-FBB was returned to Phoenix Goodyear Airport in the United States, according to data from Flightradar24. A photo of this aircraft is shown below.

Throughout the summer, FlyBosnia utilized E7-FBB alongside its existing A319 to provide extra capacity. The two aircraft operated FlyBosnia’s seasonal routes to the Middle East. Since it ended summer operations last month, FlyBosnia has been unable to make use of its second A319.

The Mass Firings

Out of FlyBosnia’s 100 employees, 40 have been fired. This includes employees in management positions. Also, eight of the 15 FlyBosnia pilots have left. Biznis Info reported that employees have not received their salaries for the past two months. Furthermore, no employer contributions have been paid since April. Because of this, employees have reported FlyBosnia to the civil aviation authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina. FlyBosnia released this statement (translated into English) after receiving the information that they were reported:

“Going to and reporting the company is completely unacceptable. You are all adults, you have your freedom of choice, thought and expression, but with this behaviour you are responsible and should not be anywhere near our aircraft spreading negativity amongst the crew.”

Things aren’t looking good with FlyBosnia. Will they be the next airline to go belly-up? What are your thoughts on this news?



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They might be gone by Christmas, the aviation market is a tough nut to crack and Bosnia isn’t the best place for an airline. I wish them luck in their future operations!

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This really doesn’t sound good and the airline’s statement you shared sound very concerning, obviously as it’s translated it could probably be meant differently, but this in addition to the pay issues and 8 pilots quitting doesn’t sound too good.

Thanks for the detailed post!

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