Flybmi Enter Administration

Several news outlets are reprting that Flybmi (known more commonly at bmi regional) have entered administration and have cancelled all flights for the foreseeable future.

The airline operated from several UK bases including Bristol, Southampton and Newcastle as well as their main base at East Midlands airport, using a fleet of Embraer 135 & 145 regional jets.

The news marks the second European airline to go bust in recent weeks as charter airline Germania found themselves in the same situation not too long ago.

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Damn that’s awful, they were a very prominent airline at Bristol and were great for charter flights for Airbus employees to France and back.


They provided a good range of services from Bristol didn’t they…if I remember rightly they operated the only link to Munich, Brussels and Hamburg from Bristol. Big loss.

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To be honest, never really understood how those planes can make profit as operating jet aircraft is expensive but they only have so limited seating. The margins for a full flight must be minimal.

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Ultimately bmi were banking business passengers but it clearly never worked out charging £200 for a single to Paris. Many times I looked for flights with them and I never found a fare below £79…

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Yeah I assume most of their bread and butter cake from Airbus transporting passengers between factories across Europe.

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I feel like this era is the 90’s for the airlines of Europe. Everything’s just going to pieces.

Very sad news indeed. 350+ jobs lost. Understand that Airbus are still looking for a company to provide shuttle services for them, possibility of a management buy out to run a limited service just for that?

Press release from FlyBMI below.

Press Release: 16 February 2019

British Midland Regional Limited, the East Midlands-based airline which operates as flybmi, has today announced that it has ceased operations and is filing for administration.

Flybmi operates 17 regional jet aircraft on routes to 25 European cities.

All flights have been cancelled with effect from today. Customers who booked directly with flybmi should contact their payment card issuer to obtain a refund for flights which have not yet taken place. Customers who have booked flybmi flights via a travel agent or one of flybmi’s codeshare partner airlines are recommended to contact their agent or airline for details of options available to them. Customers who have travel insurance should contact their travel insurance provider to find out if they are eligible to claim for cancelled flights and the procedure for doing so.

A spokesperson for flybmi said:

“It is with a heavy heart that we have made this unavoidable announcement today. The airline has faced several difficulties, including recent spikes in fuel and carbon costs, the latter arising from the EU’s recent decision to exclude UK airlines from full participation in the Emissions Trading Scheme. These issues have undermined efforts to move the airline into profit. Current trading and future prospects have also been seriously affected by the uncertainty created by the Brexit process, which has led to our inability to secure valuable flying contracts in Europe and lack of confidence around bmi’s ability to continue flying between destinations in Europe. Additionally, our situation mirrors wider difficulties in the regional airline industry which have been well documented.

“Against this background, it has become impossible for the airline’s shareholders to continue their extensive programme of funding into the business, despite investment totalling over £40m in the last six years. We sincerely regret that this course of action has become the only option open to us, but the challenges, particularly those created by Brexit, have proven to be insurmountable.

“Our employees have worked extremely hard over the last few years and we would like to thank them for their dedication to the company, as well as all our loyal customers who have flown with us over the last 6 years.”

Bmi Regional employed a total of 376 employees based in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Belgium.

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It will most definitely be a shame not to see these little jets launching out of Bristol airport anymore… Was a nice sight to see other than easyJet and Ryanair… And not to mention we were supposed to be flying to Austria with them later this year 😔

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In an era with easyJet, Ryanair and Norwegian, there’s no room for three-digit fares that include a pot of granola!

By my calculations Bristol airport seems like it has lots of BMI aircraft in the ground now, obviously flights had to be recalled and so there may be 8 or so planes on the apron at Bristol, could be a rare sight to see so many BMI aircraft at once before they fade away forever. I nominate you @Dan_77 to get some shots of them 😂

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You are correct there are currently 9 aircraft on the ground. There are 5 parked on the eastern apron, 3 parked on the western apron and 1 parked south side for the airbus shuttle

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How do you know this exact information? 😂

Sad news, but inevitable because of the fuel prices. Even Norwegian, Thomas Cook and Flybe struggle these days.

Photo of Flybmi G-RJXL, Embraer 135 I took a few weeks ago


Uhh Danish Air Transport ( DAT ) will take over the Route Aberdeen - Esbjerg ( Denmark ) 😱

It was always nice to see their little RJs on the stands at Newcastle whenever I flew out from there. A lot of small regional carriers have been struggling in recent months, and it’s sad to see another go.

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RIP. This may be the last tripreport done with the airline.
Bad years for aviation 2018-2019.

The worst thing is I don’t think they even mentioned any financial troubles or a restructuring, if that is correct it must be awful for their employees. They just land at their destination in Europe and they find out, out of the blue that they no longer have a job. Truly awful.

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It’s my place of work that’s how 😂

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Nice! What do you do there?