flyBMI at Derry

To those of you who may be aware of one of the tiniest airports in the UK with jet service

Coda (City of Derry Airport)(LDY, EGAE) in Northern Ireland is very small. It’s runway is so short Ryanair flights can’t operate there with full capacity. Around ten years ago Derry was quite busy, lots of routes i.e. Faro, Palma etc., however, in the past three years Ryanair significantly decreased their presence at the airport, closing the vital Derry-London route. Following this, a PSO (public service operation) was filed, the first PSO in Northern Ireland, and eventually flyBMI (bmi regional at the time) started twice daily flights to Stansted.

Having taken the flight numerous times, it was certainly an improvement on Ryanair, with reasonable fares, hold baggage and food included as standard, on the small Embraer 145 jet. It was always busy.

Last week, the PSO was extended until 2021, when two days later, flyBMI collapsed. So the position we are in now is that CODA is looking for a replacement airline for the route. They plan to announce this by the end of the week.

Don’t know if any of you would find this interesting, it affects me so I thought I’d share it.


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