Flybe Virtual Airlines | Crew Center Coming Soon!

Welcome to Flybe Virtual Airlines! Flybe Virtual airlines is ‘A place for everyone’ and with the largest domestic route network within the UK, we can take you to places where others can’t.

We are currently accepting applications for pilots.
To apply please visit our website:

Our Staff

@Declan_Lyall_O_Regan - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
@CS_Aus_TB20GT - Discord Moderator
@Ryan_Vidad - People Services Representative (PSR)
@tyronemarshall - Chief Executive Officer (COO)
@Dannyshaw24 - Recruitment Specialist (RS)

We still have some vacant staff positions we are looking to fill:
Events Manager - VACANT

If you are interested in applying for a staff position please PM me (@Declan_Lyall_O_Regan) via the IFC.

We’re IFVARB Approved!


Nicely done, best of luck to Flybe!

Thank-you for your good luck wishes!

I thought you ran Easyjet VA tho

No, I left EasyJet VA to pursue my own VA. I was COO there.


Ah okay. Looking into joining Flybe ;) expect an application soon!

It was only a matter of time before this VA was created. Congratulations on the opening and I’m definitely interested in joining!

Not a problem, thank-you. I will review it promplety.

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Thank-you. If you are interested head to our website (Linked above) and submit an application. :)

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Just did the application, just saw you have a recruiter position available? Wouldn’t mind taking that up!

Ok, please check your IFC PM’s. I will send you a PM shortly.

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Ok will do 👍 thanks Declan

Please welcome our newest staff member!

Please join me in welcoming our newest staff member @Ryan_Vidad. He has joined us as the Director of Human Resources.


Welcome aboard our newest staff member!

Please join me in welcoming our newest staff member @bne.spotting. He has joined us as our new COO.

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Thanks! Am glad to be part of this amazing team!

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Welcome our new recruitment specialist!

Please welcome aboard our new recruitment specialist @Connor_Seymour!

Upcoming Recruitment Event!

Here are the details of our upcoming recruitment event we have planned for Flybe Virtual Airlines.

Apply to become a pilot: Flybe Virtual Airlines - Apply Here

Staff Position Open:
We are still looking for an Events Manager, to join the team. If you are interested in this position please PM me here on the IFC.

Does this Va have Discord?

Yes we do @TheCuriousPilot644 , when people apply as a pilot and there application is accepted they will receive an invite to our discord channel.