Flybe Virtual - Aberdeen Adventure @ EGBB - 272230ZJAN18 (More gates open)

Server: Expert

Region: United Kingdom (Global)

Airport: EGBB

Time: 2230Z

NOTAM: *We will be flying from EGBB - EGPD. Please use the Embraer 195 for this event. Please follow all ATC instructions (when available) and make sure to be respectful of the other participants.

Flight Plan:

Gate Assignments

Terminal 1 - @Declan_Lyall_O_Regan
Terminal 2 - @NationofAviation
Terminal 3 - @CS_Aus_TB20GT
Terminal 4 - @AIDAN101
Terminal 5 - @PilotE.E
Terminal 6 - @Goran12
Terminal 7 - @Davidberman
Terminal 10 - @Ansett747-300
Terminal 11 -
Terminal 12 -
Terminal 13 -

More gate will be added if needed!

Apply to become a pilot today:


Get me a gate please

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No problem, Terminal (Gate) 2 is for you :)

Flybe Virtual members, please use your assigned callsign which can be found on our discord.

If you haven’t already make sure to check out our official thread: Flybe Virtual Airlines | Official Thread (Applications Open)

I’ll grab a gate please!

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i finished the last event, gonna see if this one works out.

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Not a problem, Terminal (Gate) 3 is yours! See you there :)

Awesome, Terminal (Gate) 4 is yours! See you there :)

Allright. doing seattle to los angeles right now

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That would be a nice flight :), have fun!

Your last event was recorded by the way

I was N101LA


Just watched it. It was awesome! Thanks mate :)

Still plenty of time for people to sign-up. Secure a gate now if you’re planning on joining!

Can I have a gate please?

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Sure thing, Terminal (Gate) 5 is yours! See you there!

Can I have a gate please.

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Yes sure thing, Terminal (Gate) 6 is yours! See you there!

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Thanks to everyone that has signed up. Just letting you know that you can copy the FPL from me when we spawn in at the airport.

If you haven’t already be sure to sign-up. More gates are available.

At your last event, the 717 that showed up before it started, that 717 had no landing gear.

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