Flybe VA - with the return of Flybe

With the return of Flybe, is someone bringing out a Flybe VA? I’m happy to help and I’m trying to hit grade 3, I’ve hosted discord servers and social media accounts :)


As I recall, historically it wasnt permitted and is on IFVARB

Not sure if that may change under new ownership.


Can confirm it is still on the banned virtual airlines list.

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Just found it now sorry for the post :)

Surely they have to allow it now it’s back

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That’s not how it works, unfortunately. And, in all honesty, it would likely be the opposite.

Most airlines issue a cease and desist letter to a VA to protect the airline’s validity and livelihood. For instance, if a real-world airline is struggling to survive and stumble across a VA reflecting their operations, they may opt to shut that VA down to prevent hurting their business more than it is.

While I don’t know why the VA mirroring Flybe was shut down, I assume it had something to do with the falling brand; the airline presumably wanted to avoid any misconceptions by shutting down any non-affiliated organizations with the company name. With the airline resurfacing, common sense tells me they would a) want to keep the brand’s integrity by keeping any and all operations to themselves and b) not waste their time reaching out to the IFVARB to remove the airline from the list.

Of course, that is purely speculation, but a plausible scenario. Nonetheless, if anything changes, it will be updated on the VARB’s website.


do they really care about VAs on a mobile sim? The VA isnt making any negative publicity or financial benefits as a result of mirroring operations.

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If it comes to the airline’s attention, absolutely.

Eh. Think about it.

  1. A VA ticks off one of their pilots.

  2. The pilot takes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to complain, but they omit “Virtual” from the post.

  3. Someone sees the post and retweets/reposts it.

  4. The real-world airline receives a bad reputation for insulting/harassing/bullying a “pilot.”

This is just one of many scenarios; there are a plethora of them.


As far as I know, Flybe virtual is on the banned VA list as the real airline doesn’t want a Flybe virtual on Infinite Flight. Also, you can look at current or upcoming VA’s at the official IFVARB website.


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