Flybe Update and AT76


I’m wondering if the Flybe colours will be updated with the launch of Flybe 2.0 and are you adding the ATR 72-600 in Logan air colours?

Please vote for the appropriate features of each of these requests!

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Hi, Anthony!

Infinite Flight has no immediate plans to release the ATR 72-600. However, the #features category is a great place to share you thoughts and show your support!

I’ve linked the ATR topic below for your connivence.

Have a good one!


Hi Z-Tube

Thanks for the informatio, what about the Flybe colours?

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I could not find any active topics for the Flybe or Logan Air liveries.

Search results for ‘Flybe ATR #features’ - Infinite Flight Community

Search results for ‘Loganair ATR #features’ - Infinite Flight Community

There is a feature request for the Flybe livery on the ATR-500 but not the -600

And there is also one for the new flybe livery on the Dash 8 which is going to be the aircraft they will use upon relaunch

Hope this helps

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Awesome thanks!

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Feature requests linked above 😊