Flybe Spelling

In IF ‘Flybe’ is spelt as ‘Fly Be’ (select the E195):

IRL it is spelt ‘Flybe’.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch IF
  2. Choose ‘select aircraft’.
  3. Select the 'E-175 Aircraft.

Device Stats:
Latest IF
iPad mini 2
iOS 9.2 not Jailbroken

I can’t believe I haven’t seen that before!

@Henrik_B you have competition…


Oh no… Need to get cracking…


It is e-195. The e-175 is the one with Northwest Airlink, US Airways express, and Air Canada.

I have noticed the “Fly be” but I thought it was spelt like that.

@bot, can you fix this bug?

I think his power isn’t strong enough…

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BTW it’s the same on the Callsign screen.