FLYBE RETURNS! - Inaugural Flight

First Flybe Flight


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After 2 years of uncertainty and preparations, the new Flybe finally took its first flight. As many of you know in March 2020 the airline ceased operations and have not flown since. Under new ownership and on a much smaller scale, the relaunch has seen Flybe undergo some huge changes from its livery to its bases.

The flight in question was from Birmingham (BHX/EGBB) to Belfast (BHD/EGAC) which are Flybe’s two primary bases. They used one of their 3 Dash 8-400s which will be the sole aircraft type in their fleet. (They plan to have 32 over the coming years)

Flight Details

Aircraft: Dash 8-400 (G-JECX)
Flight time: 52 minutes
Cruise Altitude: 24,000ft
Departure Time: 09:09
Arrival Time: 10:01

Flight details for BE404

Flight path for BE404

Departure time was 09:09 crossing over the north west of England and across the Irish Sea. On the approach to Belfast the aircraft landed on runway 22 at 10:01.

Arrival celebrated with a water cannon salute: via Twitter

CEO of Flybe: "Today is a big day for everyone at Flybe. After a year of incredibly hard work, we are thrilled to have our fast, quiet and fuel/CO2 efficient Dash 8-400 (Q400) aircraft back in the sky connecting customers to two of the UK’s premier regional cities.“

Future Flights

This is the first flight of many that Flybe will begin to operate. Over the course of this year, Flybe expect to launch 23 routes primarily from Birmingham and Belfast. When fully operational, Flybe will operate over 500 flights per week.

It is expected that further routes will be announced later this year, including seasonal ones to go with the ones launching in the summer.

The full route list along with frequency can be found in the topic linked below:

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What do you make of this milestone for Flybe? Will you be flying with them?


If I need to get on a flight on one of their routes, then for sure! Free snacks and beverages are a way better deal than with other carriers. I also yet have to fly the Q400.

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sounds great! the flights are pretty cheap too, less than the train in most cases

when will flybe reintroduce the E jets?

No plans to bring back any E jets. The Dash 8-400 is the only aircraft planned for the foreseeable future. 32 of them are expected to make up the fleet in the coming years

Nice to see them back in the air!

i definitely did not just spend the last 5 minutes trying to think of a Flybe pun 🤣

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lmao. there’s got to be one surely!? ;)

Im on the wrong continent for that

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It’s fantastic to see a such iconic British airline return. Very excited to see the new livery and their future plans.


I’m so happy they’re back!





Me too! By the sounds of it, everything went well today. Good times ahead!

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