Flybe new Livery revealed

Flybe has unveiled a new livery in which is planned to be painted in the whole fleet by 2025.
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My opinion: I quite like it but I think it should have another logo above the windows were the old one was. I also think that it may have something to do with them no longer having a partnership with Loganair and now having one with Eastern Airways. I also had no idea this was planned and would have liked to have had a build up like Lufthansa had. Don’t get me wrong though I prefer the old one.

What do you think of this?
Do you like the new livery?

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Noooo, I preferred the old one ;(


Me to but I like it anyway

Looks really bad :(.


I think it would look better if the FlyBe logo was bigger

It looks like its half finished

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Old one was better, but white paint is cheaper.

Something like this would be nicer I think


That is disgusting. What’s with the huge white patch? Not looking forward to seeing that at SOU whatsoever!


I may have answered your question

I know right. It looks like a generic livery with the Flybe lettering slapped on the tail. It’s a very poorly done rebranding!


I understand that it’s cheaper and Flybe are in a pretty low place right now, but I seriously don’t think it really justifies painting the aircraft in such a bland colour scheme. They could have done a much better job with the same proportion of paint, in my opinion.

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Let’s take a moment to reminisce - <3 <3


I love it! Hope too see it soon at EHAM!

Meh, it’s ok. I preferred the old one!

Purple old one was the best!

I really don’t mind it, but I’d prefer the old one for sure!

Next Flybe livery, completely white Q400 with ‘Flybe’ written in purple 😕

Lol pretty much everyone prefers the old livery…


Disgusting. Worse than something I would do. I like the pre-purple one better. image