Flybe (New Livery) Dash-8 Q400

Flybe Dash-8 Q400 (New Livery)


Image Credit: ch-aviation

The Livery

A return for Flybe is just on the horizon nearly 2 years after its collapse. The new airline has already taken delivery of its first two Dash-8s with plans for 32 over the coming years. This livery would be a great addition come their return and could replace the old livery currently in the game.

Training flights are currently underway with the airline expected start commercial flights in 2022 from its new headquarters in Birmingham.

Let me know what you think of the new livery and please consider voting!


On the 13th April 2022, Flybe operated their first commercial flight as the ‘new Flybe’ 2 years after they collapsed. When fully operational, over 500 flights will take place each week using the growing fleet of Dash 8-400s with the new livery.

My question is slightly off-topic but will the new FlyBe be getting its old Q400 it used to operate?

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Yep! In fact the two aircraft that are in there fleet are ex Flybe aircraft. They are being brought back into service after an agreement with the lessor

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Dang that livery is fresh!


Oh my, glad to see my fav airline be reincarnated with this dope livery!

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I actually visited Maastricht and saw like 6-7 old Flybe’s dash q400’s standing there without engines, quite sad to look at.

((Pic not mine!!)


Now that is sad. Exciting times ahead though!

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definitely, can’t wait!

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Walked past the flybe dash 8 here at EGBB. I do have to say, it is one nice looking livery.


Ohh that’s a beauty!

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You have my vote!

Im all for pushing for real regional stuff in IF. We have nothing more than a half cooked Dash8 right now, fingers crossed for more liveries like this.

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Really happy to see FlyBe again, one of the most unique airlines in the UK


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I agree - I miss Flybe as an airline, I used to fly them lots between Southampton & Manchester when I was at uni in Manchester (visiting home and uni holidays etc). Southampton Airport was never the same after its collapse and doubt it ever will be.

It is a great new livery and also glad to see G-JECP is gonna be in the new fleet. I flew her once on a heavily delayed BE873 SOU-MAN service back in March 2019. She was of course in the Flybe purple and white livery then (applied after her wheel collapse incident at AMS in Jan 2017).

I hope IF will eventually add Birmingham EGBB, Belfast City EGAC and Southampton EGHI to 3D - all great airports and to celebrate the new Flybe’s return to the skies. Southampton is a unique but great regional airport and makes for fun landings (IRL and on IF) with its short runway :D


Very sad to see, I flew on G-PRPO and G-JECM pictured behind her there once - think from Southampton!

They will, however, get new homes very quickly I imagine. Though Alaskan is looking to offload its Q400s, other airlines will want them, especially in Africa etc.

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Agreed. Good to see that they are bringing back some of the pre colapse aircraft and using the fresh new livery on them too!

There’s still a bit of hope though. 3 Flybe routes from Southampton were announced the other week: Belfast, Avignon, Toulon. But yeah, it won’t be anywhere near pre collapse levels :(

Dang that’s actually a noice livery

Wish I had an extra vote but it has my support

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Flybe (G-JECP) Bombardier Dash - 8 Q400 at Malta. September 2018. It is a little bit originally a livery logo. Posted on Twitter.


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Good to see more Dash-8s joining the fleet!

Update: Flybe now has 6 of these aircraft in active service with a further 4 being stored until ready for integration. This is just the start of the planned 32 strong fleet that Flybe is committing to.


Oh, is very nice. My dad and I went to ride the plane for Flybe only color is a purple livery scheme called “Spirit of Belfast” which was flown from Inverness to Manchester for 1 hour last on August 19, 2014. It wasn’t a new livery yet.

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