Flybe Kids and Teens E195 livery

I believe this would be a great livery to add as it was designed by a young child in an art competition. The livery is about fighting and stopping cancer which is very important to me as my auntie died from cancer.image
(Not my photo)


Sorry about your auntie tho idk if they will add it the developers don’t look on here at all


Very cool otherwise

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It’s a cool livery and the Embraers could do with more liverys

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I would also love to see this livery as I have lost a family member to cancer & the erj looks great in purple

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Love the livery! I don’t know anyone that’s died from cancer or had it, but I think it would be good to remember/honor those who have passed from it or have/had it.


When you realize a young child has better art skills than you…

In all seriousness, this is a good livery, and I am in all favour of putting it in, but how will the modellers get the hand-drawn feel of the livery>

^^^^What are you trying to say?

That the devs are never on the forum that’s what he is say.

What abut the Auntie thing?

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Josh said he lost his auntie to cancer so he was saying sorry to hear about it.

He’s sorry that JDEs aunt died from cancer but he doesn’t know if the developers will see it since they don’t look here at all.

They do…

Anyways, interesting idea. Not high on my favorites but I don’t see any reason to not have it. First though, I’d rather see the new Flybe livery on the E-195 without the special additions in this one.

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I agree but I don’t know if flybe will actually put it properly on their erjs

Thanks guys!

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im just gonna bump this so most people who wanted the e jet rework to see this