Flybe Is On The Verge Of Collapse

That doesn’t shine a bright light on the current financial situation…

my home airport - LCY. Would be a real shame to see the stunning purple q400 standing out amidst a flock of BA e190s:( Let alone the traffic would die down completely. Unfortunately, it’s not looking good. They were never going to last too long. Carriers such as Ryanair, easyJet and Jet2 are large competitors, especially with their quicker, jet engine aircraft. A wonderful little airline providing nice services across the UK and some parts of Europe, possibly about to go bust. What a sad start to 2020:(

Damn I hope that this doesn’t happen, I live next to Exeter airport and was planning to do work experience there.

I hope we don’t resort to “Road and Rail”

Short distance travel is relatively cheap, but you wouldn’t be catching a plane to school, so they’re not exactly comparable.

On longer distances, the train becomes ridiculously expensive, I’ve had tickets Leeds to Birmingham for £200 before. Flights are generally cheaper where they’re used.

yeh. London to Edinburgh costs me an absolute fortune

I think FlyBe is much more likely to be bailed out, considering it is quite important for the UK.

Newquay, Exeter, Cardiff, Southampton, Belfast City, Jersey and Guernsey airports pretty much depend on FlyBe, and other airports like London City and Birmingham have loads of their flights.

They’re also the only means of transport for many places or the quickest/most economical.

another one bites the dust (almost i guess)

ok this was mean i guess

GOOD NEWS!!! Flybe has been saved with a recuse deal from the UK govenment probably allowing it to defer the air passenger duty until 2023 giving the airline time to restructure itself.


Oh yeah that’s great 🤟

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Yeah. Hopefully they can now concentrate on getting the airline sorted and get Virgin Connect off the ground

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Absolutely over the moon. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


Wooooooo!! FlyBe is safe!

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YAAAAAAAAAY I’ll probably get to see their BombardYAY q400 in EHAM/AMS again!!!
(btw I know its Bombardier)


If I say FLY what do you say!?!?!?

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Light the fires, kick the tires and let’s foxtrot Oscar!

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Personally I just believe this has kicked the can down the road and solved very little.

Flybe has been scratching around for profit since it was Jersey European. This will tide it over the tight winter months but unless some major restructuring is put in place the company will find itself in this position again within 12 months in my opinion.

Good news for the staff though.

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But Ryanair, EasyJet and the IAG group will not likes it.

Bit of a late reply…

But it is true. Airlines do not like competitors as they like having the monopoly on as many routes as they can so they can price the fares higher. FlyBe has most of the monopoly on domestic UK routes.

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Ryanair and the others can do so at any time but haven’t. EU rules aren’t going to be a concern for us longer and not let’s forget that they bailed out Condor with approval so it would be foolish for easyJet to go to the commission. This bears no relevance to TC either. This bailout is more so delaying a payable, it’s hardly your typical bail out either. Protecting local economies and jobs at Flybe was the importance of this.