Flybe Is On The Verge Of Collapse

(Image by Flybe’s Twitter)

Flybe is now in a frantic bid trying to avoid collapse with survival on Sunday night.

  • The airline has been trying to secure additional financing as it’s losing money.
  • The government has been briefed about the possible effects of Flybe collapsing, which includes over 2,000 jobs at risk.
  • About a year ago Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Aviation acquired Flybe.
  • The plan was to rebrand the airline to “Virgin Connect” in 2020.

Video Summation:

Looks like the Virgin Atlantic takeover didn’t go so well…

This would be another huge disaster for the U.K. following the Thomas Cook collapse last year.

Good luck to them.


It should be their new owners providing the capital. Not the taxpayers. Virgin should accelerate the rebranding schedule and make a success of it, before it’s too late.


Virgin Airways got to move fast now!

From their Twitter a few hours ago:

“rumour or speculation”

Basically… this is similar to what Thomas Cook said right before they went bankrupt.

Not saying they will…


The last buyout was done with the promise of a £100 million capital investment that seems to have been mired in red tape and arguments between the Investment group (40% ownership) and Virgin and Stobart (30% each).

The issue here is the top of a very slippery slope. If the travelling public doesn’t have faith that the airline will still be here when they book advance tickets then they will go somewhere else. The subsequent drop in ticket revenue then leads to the debt spiral. Once credit lines are withdrawn and cash demands are made then it’s very, very difficult to recover.

Hopefully it won’t come to that, I have a few former colleagues who work for them. :(

Sorry to say it would be a disaster for the UK to bail out Flybe after it stood by and let Thomas Cook go to the wall!!! IMHO of course.

It has only been operating flights between cities where people would rather take the train, obviously it would be collapsing.

Tricky to take the train to the Channel Islands I would think? That’s not counting the large amount of close European destinations.

Unless there is a secret ‘Tax Haven’ underground rail link we Plebians know nothing about! XD


Seeing how the National Rail is mostly privatized, that’s basically double the price.

Aurigny Air Services? Hm?

Horrible knowing that FlyBe is in deep trouble. It’s an iconic domestic airline that linked so many UK cities together and many airports will lose a good amount of aviation memories with it. Could there be a rebound? Probably but in two ways: Loganair could carry on their expansion south as they did with Norwich recently. Or that FlyBe finally gets back on their feet and reverse their losses over time.

Maybe a third way? Virgin Connect? We don’t know but time will tell.

Let’s hope FlyBe will survive its unfortunate circumstances.

Last time I looked they weren’t a ‘train’. ;D

That’s the alternative. Flying.

Trains in the UK are obscenely expensive.

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I think you missed the irony that was in my statement. As you say there are alternates.


Flybe’s collapse could affect many regional airports. This is bigger that just the airline, it’s also about the airports and city’s that operate them…

i dunno… I was thinking out loud

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Exeter, Belfast, and more. Would be pretty bad for those needing Flybe’s routes…

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This is a realistic proposition for the government to consider regarding a bailout.

Thomas Cook should not have been bailed out, the airline would have failed a few months later.
Monarch received huge cash injections the year before it went and that clearly wasn’t enough either. Flybe has less issues in my opinion but I think the rebranding should happen sooner rather than later.

I know many many best friends who fly for FlyBe. It would be heartbreaking for them and me. I am so nervous. Honestly, this is the worst I’ve been affected by an airline nearly in administration in my whole Av career

Let’s all think about the other UK airports that will be MASSIVELY affected by FlyBe’s collapse. Exeter, Belfast, London Heathrow. London Heathrow if you’re asking, the domestic route to Newquay is very popular with business travelers. It’s good for tourism also.

There’s a commercial flight school in Exeter. I was going to apply to them, maybe not…

God hope this doesn’t happen. The airports will lose loads of money. Flight schools will go bust. 2000 jobs are gonna be scrapped. People made redundant! There’s like 90% of FlyBe flights inbound to those airports


Completely agree, I commute a lot using the UK rail network and to be honest where able I have started using Flybe more to fly from London/Southampton domestically

Far more reliable, comfortable, enjoyable and cost effective and - you always get a seat! 😁

Truly hope things work out 🤞

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Wasn’t virgin going to buy flybe and make it their regional subsidiary?

They have a 30% share in it alongside Stobart Group and a consortium.

Living in Jersey I use flybe quite a bit to Southampton and only last week took my first flight into London City with them. If they go they will be missed as the only alternatives are BA who only fly to Gatwick and Easyjet who do fly to other London airports and to north or England - Liverpool and Scotland but nowhere south of London.

Let’s hope somehow they manage to sort this mess out. They have just asked ministers in the UK to defer their Air Passengers Duty which would save them £10s of million pounds.

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