Flybe Is Back | Hub Established At Birmingham

Flybe is back!

With minimal notable announcements yet, flybe will officially open their short haul UK hub in Birmingham. They will have an all new balance sheet and new investors to restart the lost UK airline.

They will continue to fly their Q-400 aircraft through England and Scotland, and possibly further if they chose to order the A220.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Birmingham Airport (BHX), the City of Birmingham, and the Mayor of West Midlands to make BHX the location of our new headquarters and first crew base. It was an ideal choice for us due to its great people and highly skilled workforce, its central UK location, and the fact that Birmingham Airport is a global travel hub where local and connecting customers have access to over 150 worldwide destinations. Today’s announcement marks the culmination of over 12 months of dedicated hard work by all involved, and it would not have been possible without the support of the CAA and the UK Government.”


what an exciting surprise! Can’t wait to see them flying again


FLYBE IS BACK……fly-be-ing?!


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WHAT ?! Omg I hope so !

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Woooooohoooooo! Hope I can eventually book a flight with them! Only flew the old Flybe once - from London City to Glasgow and back

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Glad to see they’re back!

That’s great news! Hope they do well!

Hey, my dad and we went to ride the plane for Flybe (G-JECP) Bombardier 8Q400 Dash named: Spirit of Belfast special color is purple. My Flight from Inverness, Scotland to Manchester, England took 1 hours last on August 19, 2014.

Love to see flybe is resume flying :ok_hand:

But what ever happened to Virgin Connect?

today is my happy day lol

The Stars destroyed the Red Wings last night

Roope Hintz 25th birthday today

E-Jets confirmed

Finally can make it back to Wednesday church for the first time in a month



How 'bout Ejets?

Wow I wasn’t expecting that. These are amazing news!

Is there actually any reason to believe they will order it (interview, etc.)?

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This was big news here as they had multiple flights in and out of Jersey each day. I hope they return here although some of the routes they used to operate are now being operated by Blue Islands.

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