FlyBe farewell... (Or Not)

FlyBe D8HD flying out of Manchester en route to Sumburgh!

Taken on the Expert Server Time 12:43PM (CST Chicago) edited with Lightroom!!


Once again Andrew with the amazing picture! 👌👨‍✈️

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@Andrew_C_Sonkin Happy to be your controller on a special flight!

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Long time no see Kevin! Glad to see you’re part of IFATC buddy! Thank you for the services!!!

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Long time no seen is correct brother! Hope all is well awesome picture!

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Thats a really good pic!

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@Kevinsoto1502 Were you the controller at Manchester today?


Glaslow :)

OMG. I can’t remember, I think I flew out of Glasgow. If you were the controller in tower, you did an amazing job. Just wanted to extend my kudos to you. Great job, sir!

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Thanks brother appreciate it