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Today I bring you a new story of a door breaking off during a flight and having to make an emergency landing at Yorkshire Airport this got me a little shocked that this happened on what was supposed to be a normal flight but then went a little wrong for more info please watch this video of the Bombardier Q400/de Haviland Dash-8 making and emergency landing

What do you think about this comment below I think that the crew handled this problem quite well

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Must be at least a yr old with the narration. I heard one last year with a door issue that landed in EGCC. Interesting it happened more than once.

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Yeah not looking good

Door breaking off? It was a faulty door sensor. Or am I missing something here. Are you referring to the video or another story?

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That sounds…


I hope everyone was okay. Hats off to the pilots and flight crew!

No it was just a sensor

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