Flybe Embraer 190

I think this plane should definitely be added.

Normal Livery

credit flickr

That’s a very creative Livery.

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Please only use 1 picture per livery request, and maybe give us some more information.

Only one feature per request please. Also only one picture, and give a link to where you found it.

When we get the Embraer rework I’m sure there’s a good chance to get this livery.

also make sure you vote for your own request

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That’s an E-195, which already exists in the game in Flybe livery. BE does not operate the E-190.


The Flybe E 195 is there in IF, and while there are very few differences in the real world, there are not too many in IF besides the fact that one is longer and maybe some bugs or something ( I do not really know )

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