Flybe E175

G-FBJK Caught by Flying no nozomi

Hey Guys! Since Infinite Flight confirmed the E190 and the E175 are going to be reworked I think it is the right time to suggest a livery I would really like to see on the E175.That being the Flybe E175!

The reason why I think Infinite Flight should add this livery is for 3 reasons. Number 1: The E175 will most likely have a lot of North American airliners in the rework. Number 2: I’ve seen G-FBJK so many times at EGCC. Number 3: It would create lots of new routes around Europe!

I hope Infinite Flight add this livery! Have a good day!

  • Ricky

Aren’t we only getting the enhanced winglet version

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This is awesome, I’d love to see this especially because FlyBe is getting "rebranded’ after going broke, awesome idea, you have my vote!

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I believe its the normal varient but I have no clue 🤔

It would be great to have this livery added!

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